How to Recognise An Original Mastic?

That is a difficult question. If you know the typical smell and taste, you can easily recognise the original mastic from the island of Chios. Otherwise, you should use your common sense when buying. So, which mastic gum is the best? The original!

The mastic gum from Chios it is!

The mastic resin used in supplements that "contribute to the normal functioning of the digestive system" is the resin of the Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia tree. This tree grows in many places around the Mediterranean, but only the Chios version is the true and effective mastic.

The Chios gum is a unique 100% natural product. Nowadays, however, it is not only used as organic chewing gum, but also processed into mastic powder.

Dietary supplement

Mastic gum powder is packaged in capsules that are swallowed and mastic gum then works (after dissolving the HPMC capsule) directly in the stomach. The mastic powder can also be used for filling sachets, which the user can then put in the mouth and drink with water. In this way, mastic already works in the mouth and oesophagus and then in the stomach.

Masticlife Mastic: 100% Original Mastic

  1. Mastic Strong&Pure (100% mastic powder, without additives, capsules)
  2. Mastic+ Prebiotic (mastic powder capsules)
  3. Mastic+ D3 (mastic powder capsules)
  4. Mastic Comfort (mastic powder sachets)
  5. Mastic Vital Double Action (mastic gum oil with probiotics)
How to Recognise An Original Mastic?

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So how can you recognise original mastic gum?

  • Certificate of origin

Always choose only mastic from the Greek island of Chios. You can buy the resin anywhere on the island, but if you want to buy it elsewhere, make sure the seller has a certificate of origin. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main motivation. Masticlife always uses only 100% original PDO mastic.

  • Price

We definitely recommend avoiding suspiciously cheap products offered e.g. in Chinese e-shops. The resin offered under the name "ointment or mastix" is often only suitable as an additive for glues and paints (yes, mastic is also used as an additive for paints). 

  • Aroma

Mastic gum crystal has a distinctive (and unmistakable) aroma that is somewhat reminiscent of herbal-flavoured pine.

  • Taste

The mature mastic is characterized by a sweet taste but quite woody.

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