Masticlife Brand: Brand of Mastic Capsules

Masticlife represents high quality dietary supplements and other products made from unique raw material - original Chios Mastic gum.

E-shop Masticlife is operated by Notia company based in Prague (EU).

Masticlife Mastic gum from the island of Chios

We are a European company that strives to promote mastic gum, a unique natural product. We work with our Greek colleagues from the Association of Mastic Growers, so you have a guarantee that the mastic in our Masticlife mastic capsules is the PDO mastic of the island of Chios.

Masticlife Brand: Brand of Mastic Capsules

We rely on the quality of the product and raw materials, quality customer service and communication with the customer.

We will be happy to answer your questions about our Masticlife products, mastic gum, mastic chewing gum and cosmetics.

We welcome your reviews, evaluations, experiences, pros and cons simply the feedback you give us, because thanks to it we know how satisfied you are with us or where we can improve.

We really care about your opinion! And we will be happy to share our Mastic experience with you, too.

We love Mastic!


Masticlife Brand: Brand of Mastic Capsules


Masticlife mastic gum capsules

In our e-shop you will find sections:

  1. Dietary Supplements
  2. Raw mastic resin
  3. Mastic gum powder, capsules and oil
  4. ELMA chewing gums
  5. Cosmetics

When choosing a product that meets your requirements, you should know that the best quality and most effective is mastic gum powder in capsules. No added substances! It is only crushed mastic, which is packaged in capsules for proper dosing. These are Masticlife Strong&Pure capsules. 

These capsules are Masticlife bestsellers!

Masticlife Brand: Brand of Mastic Capsules
We also offer Masticlife Prebiotic capsules, where the Chios mastic gum powder is enriched with inulin.

Mastic+ D3 is an ideal solution for supporting immunity (not only in autumn and winter). In these capsules with Chios mastic, you will also get a daily dose of vitamin D3, the insufficient amount of which in the human body can cause a weakening of immunity.

We also offer products from our Greek partners. It is about:

Mastic | A drop of resin

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