The Legend of the Chios "Tears". What Does the Legend Say? Why Do Trees "Weep"?

The Legend of the Chios "Tears". What Does the Legend Say? Why Do Trees "Weep"?

Mastic is the resin of the mastic tree, or more precisely, only its Chios variant. Nowhere else in the world is mastic gum like it is on the Greek island of Chios. But why is this so?

Legend Has It That...

Why do mastic trees "weep"? The legend of the "weeping" trees and their "tears" dates back to 251 AD. According to the legend, Saint Isidore of Chios was martyred.

Saint Isidore of Chios

He was a Roman naval soldier who, while on the island, confided to his commander that he professed the Christian faith. He was not understood and was beheaded because he did not renounce his faith.

Tears of the Mastic Gum

After his death, the trees in the southern part of the island of Chios began to "weep" with mastic. Hence, according to legend, the name "tears" of Chios.

mastic gum tears

What about science?

Is the reason that trees "weep" this historical fact? You can read this and many other interesting information about the mastic and the mastic tree in the article: What is mastic gum and Mastic tree.

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