Correct Dosage of Mastic Gum

To get the right effect from mastic gum, the correct daily dosage and duration of use is crucial. The pure substance is contained in mastic supplements in varying proportions. When taking mastic, always consider the proportion of the mastic itself without additives. When comparing the prices of mastic dietary supplements, place equal value on the pure substance content. Pay attention to how much mastic you buy in the pack and not to the price of the pack, and how much a gram of mastic costs after deducting the ingredients. After all, you are mainly buying the effect of mastic and not the other ingredients.

Rules for the use of mastic

If you want to get the right mastic effect, just follow a few simple rules:

  1. Only use original mastic gum from a certified source. Using non-original Chios mastic has no practical effect. If you are not sure about the originality of the mastic, familiarise yourself with the rules for recognising original mastic.
  2. Follow the daily dose of pure mastic and use it long enough!
  3. Subtract all additives from the supplement you are taking and determine the required dose according to the content of pure mastic, without taking into account the weight of the ingredients.
  4. Remember that you are taking mastic supplements because of the effectiveness of mastic and that "enhancing" the effect of other substances is rather counterproductive because it reduces the mastic content.
  5. You have also chosen mastic because it is a pure natural substance without further technological processing. So make sure that the other ingredients of the dietary supplement you are taking are of natural plant origin.
  6. You can also choose a combination if you like to swallow a powder with inulin added in the morning and a capsule in the evening. The total content of pure mastic is important.

Recommended daily dose and period of use of mastic gum

Intensive mastic treatment

  • Daily dose: 1.2 - 1.6 grams of pure mastic per day.
  • Duration of use: 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the nature of the complaints.

Preventive use of mastic

  • Daily dose: 300 - 800 mg of pure mastic per day.
  • Duration of use: unlimited, possibly irregular.

How to take mastic gum?

The above rules for the correct dosage of mastic are put into practice for each Masticlife dietary supplement. If you combine Masticlife with prebiotics, for example Masticlife with vitamin D3, you can easily calculate the correct dose yourself.

Mastic Strong&Pure, mastic powder in capsules.

  • These capsules contain 100% mastic, so it's easy here. The content of the original mastic corresponds to the entire content of the capsule.
  • Capsule weight: 350 mg.
  • Content of pure mastic in the capsule: 350 mg.
  • Dosage of the mastic converted into capsules:
    • Intensive: 2 x 2 capsules daily.
    • Preventive: 1 - 2 capsules daily.

Mastic+ Prebiotic, mastic powder and chicory inulin capsules.

  • These capsules contain 60 % mastic and 40 % chicory root extract.
  • Capsule weight: 370 mg.
  • Content of pure mastic in capsule: 222 mg.
  • Dosage of mastic converted into capsules:
    • Intensive: 3 x 2 or 2 x 3 capsules daily.
    • Preventive: 1 - 3 capsules daily.

Mastic Comfort, mastic powder and chicory inulin sachets.

  • Contains 40 % mastic.
  • Sachet weight: 2 g.
  • Content of pure mastic in sachet: 800 mg.
  • Dosage of mastic converted into sachets:
    • Intensive: 2 x 1 sachet daily.
    • Preventive: 1 sachet per day.

Mastic+ D3, mastic powder in capsules with vitamin D3.

  • Contains 40 % mastic.
  • Capsule weight: 440 mg.
  • Content of pure mastic in the capsule: 175 mg.
  • Dosage of mastic converted into capsules:
    • For intensive treatment only, as a supplement to other mastic preparations, 1 - 2 capsules per day.
    • Preventive: 1 - 2 capsules daily.

Mastic Vital Double Action, mastic oil and probiotics 

  • Contains mastic oil and probiotics
  • Capsule in capsule system
    • the outer capsule contains essential mastic oil
    • internal capsule live cultures: Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum
    • 2 capsules a day
Correct Dosage of Mastic Gum

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