Mastic Chios Raw Tears Medium Size 20 g

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Mastic Medium tears in beautiful metal box 20 g

Pure natural gum of Pistacia lentiscus tree. Middle size tears in plastic bag. As you chew, you will enjoy the unique taste and smell of mastic. It is not just tasty, but also have some beneficial effects for your mouth, teeth and digestive system. The Mediterranean cuisine uses mastic as a season spice.

Packaging: plastic bag in metal box
box - 10 boxes
Weight: 20 g in box
200 g in box
Tears: medium size tears of pure mastic
Use: chewing and food ingredient
What brings pure mastic:
  • unique natural taste
  • helps for oral hygiene, reduce plaque and helps against bad breath
  • as prevention against helicobacter pylori (to eliminate the helicobacter infection is better solution using of Strong&Pure Mastic capsules) 
  • has beneficial effect to reduce the cholesterol level and blood presure
  • relieves heartburn, stomach pain and supports the health of the digestive system
Advise and tips:
  • If you chew mastic for the first time, you should choose combination of hard and soft pieces of gum. Use you front teeth at the beginning to prevent sticking mastic on your back teeth.
  • Store mastic in cold and dry place. Higher temperatures do not harm mastic, but the resin softens and sticks. Become hard again give mastic into a refrigerator.