Mastic-Team: Zuzka

Zuzana, known to friends as Zuzka, is a passionate advocate of a healthy lifestyle and an enthusiastic advocate of mastic. Her expertise and passion for the subject make her an inspirational guide for anyone seeking a path to overall health.

Fields of interest

Mastic expert

Zuzka is an expert on mastic, whether it's the history, production or health benefits of this traditional chewing resin. Her blog and advice is full of information, recipes and tips on how to incorporate mastic into your daily diet.

Healthy lifestyle

Zuzka promotes a healthy lifestyle as a way to overall well-being. She provides tips for a balanced diet, exercise and wellness practices that she incorporates into her daily life.



Zuzka loves the outdoors. She enjoys walking in the woods, having picnics in nature and observing flowers and birds. Her passion for nature is reflected in everything she does.

Walks with dogs

One of Zuzka's greatest joys is walking her dogs. Her four-legged companions not only support her physical activity, but also bring her joy and peace.


Family is of central importance to Zuzka. She strives to create a healthy and harmonious environment for her loved ones.

Follow Zuzka on her journey to health, happiness and harmony with nature as she not only explores the benefits of mastic, but also shares creative ways to incorporate this traditional chewing resin into your daily life. Zuzka not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also provides tips on how to use mastic as a way to stay healthy.



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