What is Masticlife Mastic Gum?

Mastic gum is the resin of the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia), a low evergreen tree with thousands of years of cultivation and use. 

In addition to the actual benefits for which it is valued, mastic gum is also unique because it is harvested from a single location in the world - a relatively small area in the south of the island of Chios. The original Chios mastic gum is the main ingredient in Masticlife dietary supplements and other products we offer. The use of original raw materials and controlled production guarantee the effectiveness and quality of Masticlife. 

How to choose mastic and other tips

If you want to take the mastic, you have several options as to what form to choose. 

Raw mastic is the obvious choice if you want to experience the true taste and smell. It is the original form of the resin, which we offer in several sizes. 

Precise dosage for controlled use is offered by mastic dietary supplements, which are either in the form of capsules or powder, which has the advantage that it also works in the mouth and the entire digestive system.

You can buy original mastic gum our e-shop Masticlife.

chios mastic gum

Mastic for normal function of the digestive system

Chios Mastic Gum is effective for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Masticlife dietary supplements are designed to allow the optimal amount of mastic gum to be used. The pure original mastic content in Masticlife always corresponds to the recommended daily dosage while achieving the lowest cost of the active ingredient.

Mastic dietary supplements

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