Mastic Gum Products: Capsules, Toothpaste and Raw Mastic

Chios mastic gum products will fill your life with a unique fragrance.

The specific and unique properties of Chios mastic gum have enabled its use in various mastic products. Besides the mastic itself, the powder and the oil, you can also try toothpastes, skin and body care products and hair care products.

Mastic Gum Products: Capsules, Toothpaste and Raw Mastic

Use of mastic

The use of mastic and the range of mastic products is very wide. Besides the use of raw mastic in the form of resin drops, powder or oil, mastic is used on the island of Chios itself, in Greece and even in Arabic countries as an ingredient in food, drink and cosmetics. As an ingredient, mastic is mainly known in ELMA chewing gum and in cosmetics from various Greek manufacturers.

Raw mastic products

Traditional mastic crystals

Chewing gum resin pieces (also called tears or drops) for those who want to chew natural gum. They have been valued since ancient times for their teeth whitening and digestive properties.

Choose mastic tears!

Mastic Gum Products: Capsules, Toothpaste and Raw Mastic

ELMA, the chewing gum legend

ELMA is a chewing gum with added mastic and mastic oil. Try one of the flavours offered without sugar or with natural sweeteners only.

Choose ELMA!

ELMA Mastic Gum

Mastic powder

Mastic powder is used as a dietary supplement for the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract. Now also available in capsules for accurate dosage.

Choose mastic capsules!

Mastic Gum Products: Capsules, Toothpaste and Raw Mastic

Shopping tips

If you love mastic...

... so chew mastic crystals daily, carefully combining the softer pieces with the harder ones to achieve a consistency that suits your mood and taste. Then ask around for:

  1. Mastic crystals
  2. ELMA chewing gum (because you want the taste of the mastic even in moments when you don't have time for the ritual with the drops of the raw resin).

If you want to have normal digestion....

  1. You must have already decided to take capsules or powder with inulin
  2. You can also try chewing the mastic 

If you love cosmetics with mastic...

Mastic oil is used for both hair and body cosmetics. Our customers most often choose mastic soaps and massage oil with mastic:

  1. Mastic soaps (Aromatic soap/Traditional soap)
  2. Massage oil
  3. Toothpaste with mastic

The antibacterial effect of mastic helps and supports the protection of the teeth and the oral cavity - prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause gingivitis, periodontitis and caries.

Toothpaste with mastic

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