What Is Mastic Chewing Gum? Gum that lasts forever!

Mastic chewing gum is 100% vegetable chewing gum.

It is resin from Pistacia lentiscus tree - a mastic tree. Mastic is also known as "tears of Chios" or "chewing gum of antiquity".

What does Chios mastic gum smell and taste like?

The mature mastic is characterized by a strong woody-fruity pine aroma and a sweet taste.

We sell two different types of mastic gum:

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    What Is Mastic Chewing Gum? Gum that lasts forever!ELMA mastic gum

    What is best mastic chewing gum?

    The best mastic chewing gum is Chios mastic gum. The Chios mastic gum is of highest quality. The taste and aroma is pure nature. 

    Why is it good to chew mastic gum?

    The active substances contained in them are effective in periodontal disease, prevent tooth decay and also have a beneficial effect on the overall health of the oral cavity and digestive tract.

    Properties of mastic for dental and oral health

    It has been proven to have an antiseptic effect, reduce plaque and give a pleasant breath. If you want to use mastic to treat your mouth, you can either pick up crystals or ELMA chewing gum, or you can use toothpastes and mouthwashes with mastic (mastic oil).
    They are made in variants for adults and children. These are premium natural toothpastes. Choose the right flavour to please you!


    Toothpaste with mastic and mandarinMastic Kids: toothpaste with mastic and strawberry for children


    Mastic Kids: toothpaste with mastic and banana for childrenToothpaste with mastic and organic spearmint

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