ELMA Dental Mastic Gum Is Beneficial For Teeth. And We Know Why!

A very popular item for users of Masticlife's mastic gum (mastic gum capsules and sachets) is ELMA mastic chewing gum. They have different flavours and different mastic gum contents. But today we will focus on just one ELMA chewing gum, the unbeatable ELMA Dental.

What is ELMA Dental (mastic gum)?

ELMA mastic chewing gum is manufactured on the island of Chios. ELMA Dental does not contain sugar. The gum is made from unique natural ingredients. One pack of ELMA Dental contains 10 pieces of gum in a blister pack. One whole pack contains 20 blisters (200 chewing gums).

ELMA Dental Mastic Gum Is Beneficial For Teeth. And We Know Why!

Why are ELMA Dental mastic chewing gums tooth friendly?

ELMA Dental are sugar free chewing gums containing Chios mastic. What's more, these chewing gums contain:

  • Fluoride

ELMA Dental: Tooth friendly product of the year 2022

What is a Tooth friendly product?

This label indicates Toothfriendly quality according to clearly defined and demonstrable criteria. Toothfriendly International was founded in 1989 in Basel, Switzerland. The association is governed by an executive board made up of dentists.

Why is mastic chewing gum good for the oral health?

Chewing mastic gum:

  • reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth
  • helps fight tooth decay and plaque
  • freshens your breath
  • releases mastic and mastic oil

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