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Mastic Masticlife

Mastic "Mastic Cure" Box

Mastic "Mastic Cure" Box

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The Mastic "Mastic Cure" Box is the perfect choice for achieving optimal digestive system and oral health. It contains mastic for long-term intake, helping to regulate normal digestion and freshen breath for a perfect smile. Get the benefits of nature with this powerful and natural product.

Mastic "Mastic Cure" Box

For long-term intake of mastic for normal function of the digestive system and for healthy teeth and oral cavity.

The Mastic Cure set contains the three most popular products. A total of 107 grams of original PDO Chios mastic gum in natural dietary supplements and mastic oil and powder in toothpaste.

  • Mastic Comfort (28 sachets) Masticlife

    • Mastic powder in sachets for practical use
    • 28 sachets of 2 grams each
    • each sachet contains 800 mg (!) original Mastic
  • Mastic Strong&Pure Economy Masticlife

    • 100% mastic content in capsules
    • Economy pack with 240 mastic capsules
    • each capsule contains 350 mg original mastic
  • Toothpaste with mastic and organic chamomile

    • toothpaste without fluoride, menthol and synthetic flavourings
    • high content of essential mastic oil

Further advantages of the "Mastic Cure"

 The price is significantly lower than when buying individual products.

Experience the luxurious properties of Mastic Cure with this exclusive box. Crafted with the most exquisite materials, it allows you to save money while indulging in the ancient Greek remedies of the mastic tree. Enjoy a new level of holistic wellbeing with this premium box.

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