Mastic Product Photos Download

Here you can download Masticlife Mastic product photos and use them to promote and sell Masticlife Mastic products.

At the same time, you can download the Masticlife Mastic logo for the purpose of presenting Masticlife products.

All multimedia and other files are the property of Notia, spol. s r.o. and may only be used with the permission of Notia, spol. s r.o.

Please contact us for questions and further requests.

Mastic pictures

Mastic's product photos are primarily intended for use as image accompaniment to e-commerce product offerings. They are in .jpg format with a size of 1200 x 1200 pixels. If you need higher resolution images for printing or for banner images without background, please send us the product of your choice and we will email a .psd file to you.

Masticlife Mastic logo

The Masticlife logo is available for download in .ai, .pdf, .png and .jpg formats.

More multimedia with mastic

If you are interested in accompanying illustrations, videos and photos of the mastic tree, harvesting the mastic and life with the mastic tree, please contact us.

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