In 2010, for examining this, the trace element zinc was calculated while the quantity released after a certain time of chewing was investigated.

Three other commercial chewing gums were examined as well, to compare the results. More specifically, Chios Mastic or commercial gum was chewed for 1, 2, 3, and 4 hours and the zinc content estimated. The zinc content of Chios Mastic was compared to that of other natural resins of the same genus (Pistacia terebinthus L.) or conifer [Pinus halepensis Mill. (Pinaceae)], which possess a different secretion mechanism and they are also used as a food additive.

Additionally, the zinc content was measured from the resin and plant tissues of the above mentioned plants. Zinc content in the resin was lower compared to that of the plant tissues. Chios Mastic had a slightly higher zinc concentration than the other samples. Moreover, Chios Mastic released a small amount of about 0.7 mg kg−1 zinc in the mouth and gastrointestinal system after 4 hours chewing duration. The zinc content in commercial gums increased to a high level (up to 2 mg kg−1) in the same treatment, something which was assigned to the zinc uptake from salivary secretions, showing zinc deprivation for the human body 104



104. Sawidis T., Yurukova L., Askitis T. [2010]: Chios mastic, a natural supplement for zinc to enhance male sexuality and prostate function. Pharmaceutical Biology, 48 (1): 48–54.

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