Chios: Bussines Meet 2021

Chios: Bussines Meet 2021

In the first week of October we had business meetings with our partners from the Association.

Mastic harvest in 2021

This year the summer on the island has been exceptionally warm. Temperatures were often around 40 ℃. Heavy rains are reported this week, which would make harvesting mastic gum difficult. Everyone here is hoping that the rains will be avoided or will not damage the harvest.

Mastic villages

We visited most of the mastic villages. The most beautiful are undoubtedly Pyrgi, Olimpi and Mesta.

Mastic Museum

We again visited the Mastic Gum Museum near the village of Pyrgi. And again we are thrilled. The indoor and outdoor exhibitions are great. You can really learn everything about the mastic gum here.

Pyrgi: short video

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