Chios Mastic at Vitafood Europe 2024

Chios Mastic at Vitafood Europe 2024

Just like last year, the Chios mastic will be at Vitafood Europe 2024.

What is Vitafood Europe?

In the next few days, chios mastic will be presented at Vitafood Europe. The two-day conference will offer a programme aimed at addressing current issues and identifying immediate opportunities for the nutraceutical industry.

During the conference, experts from across the industry will present data and evidence-based solutions, the latest research, ingredient insights, innovations and formulation strategies in the field:

  • sports nutrition and active lifestyles
  • gut immune health
  • cognitive and emotional health and healthy ageing
  • longevity and metabolic health

How is the Chios mastic presented on Vitafood?

In the eastern Aegean, somewhere at the crossroads between East and West, on the island of Chios, mastic has been cultivated since ancient times, a product - a legend, linked to traditions, historical events and cultural contacts, coming untouched until today, carved by the culture of the Eastern Mediterranean, stronger than ever thanks to its scientifically proven beneficial properties.

What is Chios mastic?

Chios Mastic is the name of the resinous sap that is extracted from the Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia tree. It is a natural, aromatic, tear-shaped resin that falls to the ground in droplets from surface grooves made by growers on the trunk and main branches of the tree with sharp tools.

Know-how of growing chios mastic

The know-how of Chios mastic cultivation has been inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Chios Mastic at Vitafood Europe 2024
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