Natural World Digestive Aid: Mastic Gum from Greece

Mastic, a resinous substance extracted from the trunks and thicker branches of the Pistacia Lentiscus tree, is the golden treasure of the Mediterranean. Especially on the Greek island of Chios, this plant grows in abundance and provides a unique resinous substance known for its potential health benefits and wide use in the food and health industry. Mastic is often used as an ingredient in natural supplements, foods and cosmetics.

Natural World Digestive Aid: Mastic Gum from Greece

Today we want to focus on how such a dietary supplement with Greek mastic gum is created. We will try to give you an insight into the production process, from the first cut to the distribution to satisfied customers who find that the best quality mastic helps their digestion and well-being.


  • Collecting
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Grinding and processing
  • Dietary supplements with Greek mastic gum
  • Production of food supplements
  • Testing and quality control
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Satisfied customers of mastic gum

Collection of mastic gum

The exuding resin is collected from trees, branches and the area under the trees. It is a manual labour. The entire process of growing a cycle of mastic usually lasts from May to September. The farmers in the Greek mastic villages deliberately damage the bark of the trees and allow the mastic to seep out.


The harvested mastic is then filtered (depending on its size) and cleaned to remove dirt and other unwanted substances.


The cleaned mastic is then dried in a special room to remove residual moisture and ensure a long shelf life.

Grinding and processing the mastic

The dried mastic can be further processed. It is usually ground into a fine powder or can be used in the form of small pieces. The small pieces (tears) are sorted by size and packaged for further distribution. Depending on the size of the mastic tears, their use varies. Larger crystals are usually chewed. The smaller ones are used as an ingredient in food (e.g. as a spice).

Dietary supplements with Greek mastic gum

Mastic can be combined with other natural ingredients or used on its own to produce various dietary supplements. The formulation depends on the intended use of the product and the desired properties. In our case, we combine the best quality of Greek Mastic with other natural ingredients so that the resulting supplements support the entire digestive tract. Not only the stomach, but also the intestines.


One of the substances with which we supplement mastic in capsules is inulin. It supports the proper functioning of the intestines.

Production of dietary supplements Masticlife

How does the actual production process work? Processed mastic is added to capsules, tablets, powders or liquid preparations according to our specifications for each food supplement. This ensures that mastic is practical and easy to use as a natural food supplement.

Our mastic capsules

For our discerning customers, we have opted for vegan capsules because we believe that a vegan capsule (as opposed to a capsule made from animal gelatine) suits you better if you want to take mastic (a substance derived from trees). That is why we label our capsules as suitable for vegans.

Testing and quality control of mastic

We also carry out testing and quality control to ensure that the end product (Masticlife mastic capsules) meets established norms and standards for safety and efficacy. We have been manufacturing mastic capsules for over 10 years. And we are constantly striving to improve our supplements for the benefit of our customers.

Packaging and distribution

Finally, the natural dietary supplements containing mastic are packaged and placed on the market where they are available to consumers. Mastic capsules are packaged either in blister packs or in cartons for customers who want to be sure that each dose of mastic they take has been taken in a non-contaminated environment. Another option is to purchase a plastic container with a larger content of mastic capsules. However, the respective packaging is always designed to protect mastic from external influences and ensure its long shelf life.


We ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations for the manufacture and distribution of dietary supplements for your digestive system. This gives our customers the certainty that we ensure quality and safety to their satisfaction.

Satisfied customers

Mastic is a fascinating natural substance with many potential health benefits. The process of manufacturing natural supplements with mastic is very meticulous and involves many important steps to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the final product. When selecting natural supplements, it is important to choose those with certified quality and verified origin of the ingredients.

That is why Masticlife is the first and only choice for our customers.

And we thank you for that!

Frequently asked questions

Which mastic is used by Masticlife?

Masticlife is a company that specialises in dietary supplements with genuine mastic from Greece (Greek island Chios) of the highest quality. Masticlife is a partner of the Mastic Growers Association, so you can guarantee the quality and originality of mastic from Chios.

Where can I find information about the composition and use of natural food supplements with mastic?

Detailed information on the use of mastic can always be found on the packaging and is listed on our website. General information is:

  1. Follow the dosage according to the instructions on the packaging.
  2. Take mastic 30 minutes before (or 2 hours after) a meal.
  3. Take mastic with water.

Where can I buy Mastic?

You can buy Masticlife products online in the Masticlife e-shop.

I need advice on purchasing, how can I get in touch?

Please contact us: You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:30.

Natural World Digestive Aid: Mastic Gum from Greece

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