Mastic Team: Ondra

Ondra is an expert in mastic who runs a consultancy and at the same time looks for business opportunities. In addition to his professional activities, in his spare time he enjoys herbalism, sauna and various sports activities.


Mastic expert

Ondra is a mastic expert and runs a consultancy where he shares his knowledge and advice on this traditional chewing resin. He is a passionate promoter of mastic and inspires others to incorporate this substance into their lives to promote health.

Business opportunities

Ondra is an active seeker of business opportunities. His ability to identify and exploit new opportunities makes him successful.


Ondra's self-study is in the area of digestive health. He self-educates himself on topics such as: healthy functioning of the digestive system and shares his knowledge with others through the advisory board.



He has an interest in herbs and herbalism. He experiments with medicinal herbs and develops his knowledge of natural remedies for maintaining health.


For Ondra, sauna is not only a relaxing activity but also a way to promote overall physical and mental health.


Apart from football, he participates in various sporting activities to maintain his physical fitness and live an active lifestyle.


Ondra indulges his passion for football in his spare time, either actively playing or watching matches as a relaxing break.

Ondra combines his expertise in mastic with his active lifestyle and interest in self-study in the digestive tract. He is an inspiration to those seeking a balance between work, hobbies and health care.


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Mastic team: Ondra

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