Mastic - a PDO Product

The uniqueness of the Chios Mastic is also confirmed by the protection of its geographical indication by European Union legislation. The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) improves the consumer's orientation when buying an original mastic and it protects him from imitations of this unique resin.

Chios Mastic Gum Is a PDO Product

It means that only the production of mastic from the island of Chios can be called "Chios Mastic". The original mastic is marked with the PDO logo.

Mastic - a PDO Product

Protected Designation of Origin

A Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a connection of a unique product with a specific area, in exceptional cases with the name of a country, used in the description of an agricultural product. The quality and characteristics of the products designated "PDO Product" lie in the exclusivity of the geographical environment, including the natural and cultural factors associated with the defined geographical area.

Since 1997

Since 1997, "Chios Mastic" has been identified as a Protected Designation of Origin. 

Mastic Oil

- Μαστιχέλαιο Χίου - mastic oil under number PDO-GR-1559

Mastic Gum

Μαστίχα Χίου - raw mastic crystals under number PDO-GR-1558

Mastic - a PDO Product

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