Certificate: Authorized Mastic Partner

We are an authorized producer and dealer of original PDO Chios mastic. All Masticlife mastic products and other mastic products offered in Masticlife stores are based exclusively on original mastic raw material.

What the authorization means for our customers?

If you buy any Masticlife products you have a guarantee:

  1. Efficacy: we guarantee the content of the active original mastic in the declared ratio (e.g. for Mastic Strong&Pure it is 100%, for Mastic Prebiotic 60%, etc.).
  2. The only source of mastic is the production of the Chios Mastic Growers Association. We never use defective Turkish, Indian or Iranian imitations.
  3. Verified Ingredients: If mastic is combined with other active ingredients, we select only those that have been verified by research from the Mastic Growers Association.

 The original declaration can be found here.

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