Pure Mastic or With Additives? What Should I Choose?

Mastic, the powder of this resin, is used as a dietary supplement for digestion. How to choose and navigate the range of dietary supplements?

100% mastic or perhaps with inulin?

When diluting mastic gum with various other substances such as probiotics, vitamins, dietary fibres, etc., the purpose of the added substance and its interaction with mastic gum must always be taken into consideration.

This is also evident from published scientific studies. Some additives are rather harmful or at best worthless and are only combined with the mastic gum to make the production cheaper.

100% mastic

The production of capsules with mastic powder without additives is very demanding and has to be done at low temperatures in special equipment. If you want to use only 100% mastic powder in capsules, choose Mastic Strong&Pure:

Pure Mastic or With Additives? How Should One Choose?
  • Mastic Strong&Pure: Always pay attention to the content of mastic in the product offered, so that, for example, a dose of 1.4 g of mastic per day is reached in case of intensive use.

Added substance

Next, it is advisable to consider the importance of the added substance, it should complement the effectiveness of the resin:

  1. in the field of immunity – vitamin D3
  2. in the area of digestion – prebiotic or probiotic 
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