Coming soon: innovative COMBICAPS capsules

Coming soon: innovative COMBICAPS capsules

We are already looking forward to March. We will be expanding our range of mastic dietary supplements with a revolutionary product: Masticlife COMBICAPS.

Masticlife presents the latest innovation - COMBICAPS: capsules in a capsule!

What is a COMBICAP?

At first glance, an ordinary capsule. But COMBICAPS hide another capsule inside. COMBICAPS means a capsule within a capsule. This unique technology combines two forces into one product: it gives you complete support in a perfectly designed package. So you benefit from the advantages of multiple active ingredients in one convenient package. With our Masticlife COMBICAPS capsules in a capsule, taking care of your health is easy and effective!

What do our COMBICAPS offer?

Imagine having a product that revolutionizes your health care and well-being. This is exactly what our COMBICAPS (capsules in a capsule) offer. A unique concept that combines modern technology and natural power to give you optimal support in a brilliantly designed package.

This innovative solution is not just about looks. The capsule within a capsule brings real benefits and many possibilities. It is an effective way to provide you with complete nutrition and support for your body without having to take several different supplements at once.

A capsule in a capsule: sounds great!

Imagine opening a pack of two capsules in one every day. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary dietary supplement, but as soon as you see the first capsule, you will discover its secret. The capsule-in-capsule is the foundation of our product, which Mastcilife will introduce in March 2024. The capsule-in-capsule ensures you receive maximum potency and benefits.

How is the capsule within the capsule designed?

Capsules in a capsule are designed to be practical and easy to use. You don't have to worry about multiple packs or complicated dosing schemes. Just take one capsule and you're done.

What makes Masticlife capsules in a capsule truly exceptional?

It's the combination of the power of natural ingredients and advanced technology that allows you to maximize the effectiveness of each dose. Each ingredient is carefully selected and tested to provide optimal results for your body. This is a simple and convenient package of dietary supplements. It makes taking care of your health easy and carefree.

What are the benefits of Masticlife COMBICAPS?

COMBICAPS (a capsule in a capsule) bring a number of benefits that make them a great choice for everyday health care:

  • maximum effectiveness
  • simplicity and convenience
  • practical packaging
  • high concentration of substances/suitable combination

Maximised efficiency

Thanks to the innovative technology of placing the second capsule inside the first one, maximum efficiency and absorption of the active ingredients is achieved. This means that each dose provides optimal support for your body.

Comfort and simplicity

With Masticlife COMBICAPS capsules, there is no need to take several different dietary supplements at once. Just one capsule per day is enough, which simplifies taking and dosing.

Practical packaging

The capsule-in-capsule packaging is practical and easy to use. You don't have to worry about multiple packs or complicated dosing schemes. Just take one capsule and you have the complete support you need for your body.

High concentration of ingredients/suitable combination

Thanks to the compact packaging, a higher concentration of active ingredients can be put into one capsule, allowing you to get maximum benefits with a smaller dose.

These benefits make Masticlife COMBICAPS capsules in a capsule a great choice for anyone looking for an effective and practical way to support their health and well-being.


You're thinking, "Okay, but what's so innovative about COMBICAPS? The Mastic+ Prebiotic capsule combines 2 suitable substances, the capsule is comfortable to take, the dosage of the mastic gum is precise and simple."

Stay tuned for more information coming soon on why we are so excited about the new Masticlife COMBICAPS capsule and why we think our customers will love this innovation!

Update: Introducing: Mastic Vital - Double Action!

Coming soon: innovative COMBICAPS capsules
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