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Quality and customer service are our main motivation. Masticlife Mastic is always 100% original mastic gum.

100% original Greek mastic gum

Surely you know that mastic gum is a unique 100% natural product: the sap of the mastic tree. It is a rare and centuries-valued resin, a chewing gum. But nowadays it is not only used as a 100% organic chewing gum, but also processed into mastic gum powder.

Dietary supplements

Mastic gum contributes to the normal function of the gastrointestinal system!

Therefore, mastic gum powder is filled into capsules (capsules) which are swallowed and the mastic then (after dissolving the protective coating) works directly in your stomach.

Mastic gum powder can also be used to fill sachets, which the user then pours into their mouth and drinks with water. In this way the mastic gum works already in the mouth and oesophagus and then in the stomach.

Masticlife Mastic Gum: 100% original Greek mastic gum

  • Mastic Strong&Pure Superpack 240 capsules (100% mastic gum)
  • Mastic Strong&Pure 40 capsules (100% mastic gum)
  • Mastic+ Prebiotic 160 capsules
  • Mastic+ D3 160 capsules
  • Mastic Comfort 28 sachets
  • Mastic Vital Double Action 60 capsules

A complete range of mastic gum dietary supplements that contribute to the normal function of the gastrointestinal system can be found in our E-shop Masticlife.

100% original mastic gum

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